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Cassava Processing Facility Intervention Scheme

At the end of the harvest (8-9months), each farmer will earn a sum of N1,000,000.00 as a reward for monitoring and nurturing their farmland. Sign up for CAPFIS now.


  • Give two weeks training to selected participants
  • Build their capacity to manage the farms
  • Supply them with high yielding and disease resistant cassava stems
  • Allot five hectares to each of the farmers
  • Establish Solar Powered chips processing equipment in each of the farm
  • Establish Solar Powered flour and starch processing centers in each of the state
  • Provide ICT Centers in a safe location close to the farm to enable farmers have easier access to stay up-to-date on modern agro allied farming etc.
  • Develop a farm community with state of art facilities and provide accommodation in the farms for the farmers to encourage them to live and work on the farm

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